#82 God Or Goo? Part Two – Created or Evolved?

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Geneticist Dr. Joel Brown (PhD Cornell University) continues his look at “evolution and the Bible” started in episode #80 God or Goo, A Biblical and Scientific Investigation of Our Past (Part 1), it is highly recommended that you listen to #80 prior to listening to this episode. In this episode Dr. Joel Brown looks at mainly three areas known as 1) Cosmic Evolution, 2) Organic Evolution, and 3) Darwinian Evolution to find out the current thinking on evolution in 2019. You may be surprised at what is presented as science by the “scientific” community concerning evolution! Challenge your thinking and listen along.


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God or Goo? A Biblical and Scientific Investigation of our Past – Part II

    1. In the Beginning
      1. God or Goo? – Part I
      2. Created or Evolved? – Part II
      3. On Purpose or By Accident? – Part III
    2. God or Goo?

i. Where did I come from? (3 questions)

1. This is a question of worldview.
ii. The Biblical Worldview – In the beginning God

  1. Core Belief #1: There is a God
  2. Core Belief #2: The Bible is God’s Word
  4. Summary:

a. About 6000 years ago God made everything in just six days…
5. I cannot prove to you that everything happened just as the Bible says. I cannot prove

God created everything in six days. I accept this by faith. iii. The Evolutionary Worldview – In the beginning Goo…

1. Belief #1: Naturalism

  1. No God allowed
  2. Explain the origin of this painting…no painter allowed.

2. Summary:

  1. About 14.5 billion years ago the universe exploded into existence from absolutely nothing…Cosmic Evolution
  2. About 3 billion years ago the earliest lifeforms spontaneously appeared on Earth… Organic Evolution
  3. About 3 million years ago the first humans arose through the process of evolution…Darwinian Evolution


  1. When we ask, “Where did I come from?” we are really asking three questions?
    1. How did matter come into existence? You have to start with something, so where did that starting material come from? The atoms, the molecules, the stuff that everything is made of.
    2. How did non-living matter become alive? Now at some point that stuff had to become alive.
    3. How did complex lifeforms (like humans) arise? Being “alive” is simply not enough…bacteria arealive, but you’re a bit more complex than a bacterium so where did “complex” lifeforms come


  2. 3 Pillars of Evolutionary Worldview
    1. How did matter come into existence? Cosmic Evolution
    2. How did non-living matter become alive? Organic Evolution
    3. How did complex lifeforms (like humans) arise? Darwinian Evolution
  3. Our goal today…
    1. Not to prove that Creation is true
    2. Not to prove that Evolution is false
    3. To demonstrate that if a person accepts the Evolutionary Worldview they are doing so by faith. Not by reason, not by intellect, not by evidence…but by old-fashioned faith.

1. “Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs… in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism…Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.” Richard Lewontin, a Harvard evolutionary biologist, mathematician, and geneticist1

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#81 Who Is God?

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Have you ever wondered who God is? What is He like? Does He like what you like? How do you know about Him? Is it from something you have seen on television, something you heard or perhaps something you want to believe in your heart? How can you really know the truth about who God is? Find out today as we examine, Who Is God?


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#80 God or Goo? A Biblical and Scientific Investigation of Our Past (Part 1)

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on April 17, 2019 by thatsinthebible

Where did you come from? Were you created by God or did you come from nothing which turned into Goo and then evolved into you?! Find out as we explore this topic and examine what the Bible says and what modern science says to see which has the answers to our origins. Listen to both sides and then decide! Geneticist Dr. Joel Brown presents this study.


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#79 Lift Him Up

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Does your family hear you talk about the Lord? Or everything else but. Does your home revolve around the Lord or other things like: entertainment, sports ,hobbies, and work? Is Praise to God ready at the tongue?  Is Thanksgiving to God in your home common? Does your family hear stories of you witnessing to others? Do they hear stories of deliverance from your past life? Do they see you actively living out your faith for all to see? Do they see you pray? How and why can and should all of this be accomplished? Find out by listening to this podcast today!


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Just Brag About Jesus

Ps 145

I don’t think there is any doubt about what this passage of scripture is about an Exhortation

Some technical things first of all

This is a Ps written by David and he references a King and his Kingdom

Truly a ref to Jesus Christ as King of the Jews

Though they had him crucified and rejected him to this day

The Lord will restore them and give them the Messiah and King they have been looking for and it will be King Jesus

This is a Ps of praise to the Lord in his Kingdom to the Jews Mill.

To the Christian heaven

In-spite of the Prophetic ref./David is still declaring what he will do now

Vs 1 I will extol thee my God, O king, I will bless thy name for ever and ever.

We read these words and pass over them but what do they mean?

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#78 The Essence Of Worship

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What does it mean to worship God? Does it mean going to church? Does it mean singing songs and hymns? What does God expect from us and how does he want us to worship Him? Are you truly worshipping God, the Bible way? You might be surprised at this look at worship as we see what the Bible says about how to worship God.


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The Essence of Worship

The subject of worship is a prominent subject in both the Bible and the NT church.

Considering all the forms of the word, worship shows up 198 times in the Bible.

The first time it shows up is in the book of Genesis (the 1st book in the Bible), and the last time it shows up is in the book of Revelation (the last book in the Bible).

And, coincidentally, the first time it shows up is in Gen. ch. 22, while the last time it shows up is in Rev. ch. 22.

And that last reference leaves humanity with their marching order from the Lord, as it says …worship God.

That’s what you and I and the rest of creation ought to be doing

Worshiping God! And as, Jesus Christ is God, worshiping God includes worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ…

While He was on earth, the Lord Jesus Christ was worshipped… And He was worshipped on this earth both before His death, and after His resurrection.

After His birth, wise men journeyed from the east and came and worshiped Him – Matt. 2:1-2, 11 Continue reading

#77 Whose Fool Are You?

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There is no getting around it, you are going to be either a fool in God’s eyes, or you are going to be a fool in the world’s eyes. Which you choose to be will affect everything that you do. So let’s see what the God has to say about the fool. I certainly don’t want to be in the category or possess the qualities of traits that God identifies as those belonging to a fool, do you? Once those traits are identified and knowing what they are you can take steps to make sure you are not accounted for as a fool in God’s eyes. And then we will look to see what the world counts as a fool.


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Whose Fool Are You?

As we look at the word fool in the Bible we will see that it is used in mainly two ways, one way in how the world sees a fool, and the other way in how God sees a fool. When I say “the world”, I mean the world system on the earth in general, the non-Bible believing people or mindset, the world view. Either way there is no getting around it, you are going to be either a fool in God’s eyes, or you are going to be a fool in the worlds eyes. Which you choose to be will affect everything that you do. How is that so? Think about it, what stops us from witnessing, its the thought what will other people think. If I hand this person a tract, they are going to think I am a fanatic, a fool, a Bible weirdo. Right? Isn’t that the main reason that we don’t speak up for Jesus Christ, because we don’t want to be thought of as a fanatic or a fool. So instead we pretend to be ignorant of what we know lest we be numbered as a fool for Christ. We figure we can just melt into the crowd and not speak up for Christ lest we be thought a fool. Not possible, you are either going to be thought a fool for Christ, or you are Continue reading

#76 Music: God’s Gift Or Satan’s Tool?

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Is all music good music? Is rock music good music? Is rap music good music? Is classical music good music? Surely country music must be good? If you like the music you listen to it must be good music, right? Is there even such a thing as good or bad music? Could the music that you are listening to be affecting you? Some people will not listen to this episode today because they do not want to know the answer to these questions. You have a choice! Ignore this topic or find out what the Bible says about music.


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Flyer on Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Saturday, January 26, 2018 9:30AM in Rochester NY with Pastor Scott Strobel. (As mentioned in today’s podcast).

Music: God’s Gift or Satan’s Tool?

Is God for or against music?

• (Job 38:1-7) Music is a very powerful tool, there is no doubt about it. Music has a history upon this Earth even right at the very beginning when God was creating the Earth. Here are the angels (the morning stars) which are angels (Revelation 1:20) and they “sang together”.

• (Ezekiel 28:12-15) Here is the devil when he was created, and he was created perfect (vs. 15). And we are told that God created him with “Tabrets” (percussion instruments) and “Pipes” (wind instruments). So God intended from the beginning for music to be created on this Earth.

• (Revelation 5:8-10), (14:1-3) God also has music in Heaven, so we see that God is for music, that God has nothing wrong with good godly music.

• For what purpose did God Create Musical Beings?

• (Revelation 4:11) God created everything ultimately for His pleasure. So God created the Angels, lucifer, and human beings as musical beings to bring Him pleasure. Too much of this world is focused on trying to find music to listen to or to even create themselves that pleases them rather than focusing on it actually pleasing God.

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