Episodes (1 – 50)


A complete list of all the topics we have covered so far. Listen and collect them all!

  1. Body, Soul, Spirit – What is the Soul and what is the Spirit? Find out what the Bible says about each. Discover how man is a triune being.
  2. Why Good People Don’t Go To Heaven – How do you get to heaven? Is it by being as good as you can be and hoping that your good will outweigh your bad? Find out what the Bible says you must do to get to heaven.
  3. Is The Bible For Everyone? – Who is the Bible for? Is it just for those of the Christian faith? What about the Jewish people? What about those of other faiths? What about those of no faith is it for them too?
  4. Is Everything Written In The Bible For Me? – Find out how to read the Bible to understand it. Learn how to apply the Bible to your life and discover the common mistakes that others have made when trying to understand the Bible.
  5. What Is Mary’s Place In The Bible? – Should we pray to Mary? Is Mary divine? Did Mary have other children? Find out what the Bible says!
  6. Do Angel’s Have Wings? – How does the Bible describe angels? Are they women with wings? Men with wings? Are they people who have died and gone to heaven and are now angels?
  7. Potpourri of Questions – “Does Religion Divide?” – Is religion something that divides mankind instead of bringing him together? Find out what the Bible says about this question and more.
  8. The Underworld: Did Jesus Really Go To Hell? – Have you ever wondered what happened to Jesus after he died on the cross? Some say he made a stop in Hell before going back to Heaven, why?
  9. Will The Church Go Through The Tribulation? – What and who is the Church? What is the Tribulation? Will the Church go through it?
  10. What Does The Bible Say About “Easter”? – Was Jesus Christ crucified on Friday and then resurrected on Sunday? Really? Why does the date for Easter change every year?
  11. Which Bible Is The Right One? – Why are there so many translations and is there one that is better than others? Did you know that many “new” Bibles have entire verses missing? Grab your Bible and see if they are missing from yours!
  12. Does the Bible Out Science Science? – Can the Bible really be more advanced than modern science? Are there actual scientific discoveries that were found in the Bible before modern science? Are there others that science has not discovered yet?
  13. Does the Bible Condone Same Sex Marriage? – Does the Bible speak against homosexuality? What about homosexual marriage? Why are so many states adopting homosexual marriage? Can it really be wrong?
  14. What Is The Doctrine of The Great Deep? – Hang on to your hats! Here is a topic found in the Bible that is an adventure that goes beyond the beyond! Ever wonder where the legend of sea monsters comes from? Was there something or someone on the Earth prior to Adam and Eve? A vast body of water out in space waiting to be discovered by modern science?
  15. Is Water Baptism Necessary For Salvation? – Do you have to be baptized in water to go to Heaven? What does the Bible really say?
  16. Was Jesus A Social Drinker? – If Jesus turned the water into wine did he condone drinking alcohol? What is the difference between wine, fruit of the vine, the cup, and strong drink? Is it okay for Christians to drink alcohol? In moderation?
  17. What Does It Mean To Be Saved? – You have heard the term “saved” before but is it something used in the Bible? Saved from what? What does the Bible say about needing to be saved and how is it really done?
  18. Can We Lose Our Salvation? – Is it possible once we are saved to lose our salvation? Does the Bible say we need to work to keep our salvation? If we can lose it do we have to get saved over again? Then can we lose it again?
  19. Are Christians Really Nuts? – As a Christian have you ever wondered why you still find yourself doing things that you know you shouldn’t and those things you know you should do you find that often you don’t do? Find out what the Bible says about this and what you can do about it.
  20. Was Jesus Christ Really God? – Who did others say he was? What did he actually say about himself? Did he actually say in the Bible that he was God or the Messiah? Follow along with us as we answer these questions from the Old and New Testament.
  21. The Spiritual Warfare – Are You Being Attacked? – There is a spiritual warfare taking place all around us. Find out how you can emerge victorious from this unseen battle taking place for your Christian walk and testimony.
  22. A Man Questions The Act Of Salvation – and he is also a Yankees fan! – Listen in to a conversation between a man who questions the act of Salvation and his conversation with the “That’s In The Bible?” crew. Is just saying a prayer to be saved enough? If you do say a prayer will you then “feel” Saved?
  23. How To Understand The Bible – Have you tried reading the Bible but have given up because you just can’t seem to understand it? Follow along with us as we show you 6 steps to begin your journey into understanding God’s word.
  24. Should Christian’s Keep The Sabbath? -A listener writes in and asks why Christian’s today shouldn’t keep the Sabbath. Discover what the Bible has to say, should you be going to church on Sunday instead of Saturday? What does the Bible say about Christian’s assembling on the first day of the week?
  25. The Superiority Of The King James Bible – Can one Bible translation really be better than all others? Is the King James Bible really better than all of the “modern” translations? What about the originals? What about the Greek?
  26. 2 Resurrections? – What are the two resurrections spoken of in the Bible?
  27. Fruits, Gifts, Signs – What does the BIble say about the Fruit of the Spirit, Gifts that we possess, and are Signs for Christians today?
  28. After This the Judgment-There is coming a day of judgment, a day of reckoning, when each individual will individually stand before the Lord to be judged. As you rightly divide the word of truth you will find two main judgments that fit this bill. One is The Judgment Seat of Christ, and the other is The Great White Throne Judgment. This lesson will deal with those two judgments.
  29. Bible Facts About Heaven – What does the Bible say about Heaven? Where is it located? What is it like? What is in HEaven? We know it’s not about the old image of just sitting around on a cloud with a harp all day, so follow along with us as we look at Bible facts about Heaven!
  30. Where Did Cain Get His Wife? (What’s In A Generation) – If Adam and Eve had two sons Cain and Abel, where did Cain get his wife? Follow along with us as we chart the answer in this episode filled with unexpected twists and turns. It’s a question everyone has about the Bible at one point or another, now you can have the answer taken directly from the Bible!
  31. Suicide Is Not Painless -What does the Bible say about suicide? Is it ever okay? What about extreme circumstances? Are there examples of people committing suicide in the Bible? Follow along with us as we take a look at this disturbing but important topic and see what the Bible has to say about suicide.
  32. Are We Alone In The Universe? -Anyone that has gazed up into the heavens on a star filled night has wondered if we are alone in the universe. Join us as we look to the Bible to find out if ET is out there somewhere.
  33. Should Modern Culture Dictate Christian Beliefs? -Should Christianity change with the times? Can we really trust the Bible to set the standards for modern man today? Shouldn’t we be more tolerant today than what Christians who follow the Bible tend to be? Follow along with us as we answer these questions!
  34. Roman Catholicism VS. The Bible – Does the Roman Catholic church follow the Bible? What are the doctrines of the Roman Catholic church as compared to the Bible? Do they conflict with the Bible and if they do does it matter? Do you know where they conflict? Follow along with us as we compare the doctrines of the Roman Catholic church with the truths found in the Holy Bible.
  35. Is “The Gap” A Theory? – What really happened between Genesis 1:1 & 1:2? Check out the references for yourself as we compare scripture with scripture to unravel the mystery that God has revealed for us in his infallible word.
  36. The Bible Doctrine of The Trinity – Is the doctrine of the Trinity found in the Bible? What does it mean? Follow along with us as we see directly from the Bible what the scriptures have to say about the doctrine of the Trinity.
  37. Do You Have The Gift of Evangelism? -Simply put, Evangelism is giving the gospel to an individual or a group of people; with the hope they will get saved. This includes witnessing, passing out tracts, open air preaching, etc. As with many Bible subjects there are opposing views on how this should be done, who should do it, or whether it should be done at all. What does the Bible actually say?
  38. Questions & Answers #1 – Recorded Live! – A special edition of That’s In The Bible? where we take your phone calls and chat room questions about the Bible live via Talkshoe.
  39. Prophecy Secures Our Future -An introduction to prophecy in the Bible. Follow along with us as Pastor Steve takes a fascinating look at prophecy in the Bible. Much more accurate than Nostradamus, Jean Dixon and the Mayan calendar. Check it out for yourself, you may be surprised!
  40. What About The Heathen? -What about those in remote lands or jungles who have never heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ? Will they go to hell? Wouldn’t that be unfair of God if they have never heard ? Find out what the Bible has to say on this subject.
  41. The Will Of God -The “will of God” is a reference to what God wants you to do in your life.  There is nothing more important than you loving the Lord and doing His will for your life. Are you doing the will of God? Find out how you can know the will of God for your life in this podcast.
  42. Is There Any Proof Of God? – Does the Bible offer proof for the existence of God? What are the arguments for the existence of God? Tune in with us as we take a close look at this topic and more!
  43. Speaking In Tongues – What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues? Is speaking in tongues something that all Christians should be doing today? Get the answers straight from the Bible in this episode.
  44. The Next Events on God’s Prophetic Calendar – Will the world end in 2012 as some say the Mayan calendar indicates? Could the world be destroyed through Global Warming? Follow along with us as the Bible takes the guesswork out of what will happen next as we examine the coming events as laid out in the Bible.
  45. To Eat Or Not To Eat – What Does The Bible Say?  Vegetarian? Meat Eater? Which does the Bible condone or prohibit? Before you decide see what the Bible has to say on the subject.
  46. Ghosts – Are they real? What does the Bible say? Have you ever seen a ghost? Are they found in the Bible?
  47. Personal Finance – Learn and apply what the Lord has to say regarding our personal finances.His way is the best way, and the Scriptures show you how to have God’s blessing on your finances.This is not to say that everyone that follows God’s way will become financially rich in this life; but you can be financially secure, knowing that God will take care of you.
  48. Do You Really Know The Lord? – The Tale Of Two Kings-Do you really know God? How he thinks? Why he does what he does?
  49. The Law – Do you have questions about the Ten Commandments found in the Bible? Can we get to Heaven by keeping the Ten Commandments? What if you only keep 9 or 8 of them, can you still get to Heaven? Find out what the Bible says about the Ten Commandments and how they affect you today.
  50. The Two Natures – One of the great keys to understanding both yourself & others, as well as key parts of the New Testament, is an understanding of the doctrine of The Two Natures.
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  1. Chris Maners Says:

    I really miss you and your teachings. Please consider starting back up. This was a great ministry and should not have been stopped. Thank you for at least leaving it up. I often send young Christians to your site to get some good teaching.

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