#058 The Mystery Of Iniquity Part II: Who Is The Antichrist?

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The Mystery of Iniquity Part 2

Who is the Antichrist?

2Th 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.


1 1Ti 3:16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

2 Col 1:27 Christ in you

3 Eph 5:32 Body of Christ

4 Rom 11:25 Temporary Rejection of Israel and it’s Restoration

5 Rev 17:5 Babylon the Great

6 I Cor 15:51 The Rapture

7 II Thess 2:7 The Antichrist

As the counterfeiter it stands to reason if:

God is manifest in the flesh – Satan will be manifest in the flesh

God’s ministers are required to be faithful stewards of the mysteries of God

1Co 4:1-2 Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. 2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

Do you think God put those mysteries there to stay a mystery? Then Continue reading

#057 What To Do With The Bible

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What To Do With The Bible

II Peter 3:18 says, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” One of the greatest ways to begin growing in grace is with the Bible.  In Acts 20:32, the Apostle Paul said, “And now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up…” The Bible is well capable of building you up and helping to make you a strong Christian.

1. Desire It – I Peter 2:2

I Peter 2:2 tells us that “As newborn babes” we are to desire God’s word.  It is natural for someone who is saved to desire the word of God.  The Holy Spirit inside the Christian yearns to feed on the Bible.  If you do not have this desire, you are either not saved or you have something interfering with your natural appetite for the Scriptures.  The Bible compares and likens itself to honey in numerous places  (Psalm 19:7-10; Psalm 119:103; Ezekiel 3:1-4; Revelation 10:9-11).  A Christian, then, with his inborn desire for the word of God, has a natural spiritual sweet tooth.  Again, if this natural desire is not there, then something is wrong.  Let’s go to the book of Proverbs where we’ll discover what the problem might be, Proverbs 27:7 says, “The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.” Sometimes you may find yourself so full with sin, or the things of the world that you don’t even “have room” for the Bible.  And instead of desiring it, you don’t even want to deal with it.  It’s like a child who spoils his appetite for a nutritious meal by eating junk food.  The solution is to cut out the junk and force yourself to partake of the word of God, until it becomes “sweet” to you again and your spiritual desires awaken.

2. Read It – Isaiah 34:16 

Isaiah makes it plain and clear Continue reading

#056 Is Theistic Evolution Biblical?

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Is Theistic Evolution Biblical?

Creation and Evolution are hot topics wherever you bring them up. Try and bring up the Creation account around a school these days, whether it be middle school, high school, college, or even your work place, and see what kind of responses that you get. We have been programmed these days to believe that Evolution is fact and that the Biblical account of Creation is a fairy tale. If you tell anyone you believe the Biblical account of creation and reject the Evolution theory you are mocked and ridiculed as though you are unlearned and ignorant. The school systems teach evolution as the only solution without ever mentioning that there could possibly be a Divine Creator.

I was listening to Continue reading

#055 The Mystery Of Iniquity Part 1: The Great Counterfeiter

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#054 The King James Bible 400th Anniversary Tribute

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King James Bible 400th Anniversary Tribute

The King James Bible was originally published in 1611, thus this year marked the 400th anniversary of its publication.

With the glut of English versions available on the market today, it may be hard for the average Christian in 2011 to appreciate the fact that the Bible was not always available in English.

And although the King James Bible was not the first attempt at an English translation, it was the one that provided a purified English text and had the breath of God and the approval of the Holy Ghost.

If you’ve studied the 7 churches of the book of Revelation, you may be aware that in addition to being historical churches they were prophetical pictures of different chapters in the age of the New Testament Church.

One does not have to look very long or very hard at the churches or Christians of today to find in them the same characteristics of the church of Laodicea.

The church of the Laodiceans is the last of the churches that Jesus had John write to and it is characterized as being “lukewarm”. Not on fire with zeal, but not all cold and out of church and living in complete sin. Continue reading

#053 Dreams

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How much faith should you put in dreams? Should you trust your dreams? Does God use dreams to reveal his will to you? Find out what the Bible says about dreams!Right-Click Here To Download



-Sometimes dreams can be a blessing, while at other times they can be a nightmare.  Some dreams can make you smile while others can make you cry.  Dreams can even feel so real that once you wake up you really have to think hard about if it was an actual memory of real events in your life, or if it was just a dream.  Some people can control many aspects of their dreams, while others cannot and are just along for the ride.  So what exactly are dreams?  Where do they come from and on that note, do they mean something?

-The answer to these two questions depends on who you ask.  The occult such as fortune tellers, psychics, spiritualists and even some psychologists will tell you that your dreams have true meaning, and if properly interpreted can lead you in the right path for your life; that if you follow your dreams and their meanings you will find your purpose and your destiny in life.

-Sigmund Freud, who did not believe in God but had science and education as his god said; ” There is a psychological technique which makes it possible to interpret dreams, and…if that procedure is employed, every dream reveals itself as a psychical structure which has a meaning and which can be inserted at an assignable point in the mental activities of waking life.  (The Interpretation of Dreams, 1900)

-So is Freud right? Can we use these dreams by having them interpreted and incorporated them into our daily lives to help us? Or are the psychics right when they say that dreams have meanings that need to be sought after and interpreted by them, to help us out?

-Well if you have been a listener of thatsinthebible for any length of time, you know exactly where we are going to find the answers to these questions.  We will Continue reading

#052 It’s Still The Blood

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Why such an emphasis on the Blood in both the old and new testaments of the Bible? Why are many working to remove all references to the blood of Jesus Christ in the new (mis)translations of the Bible? What is it about the blood of Jesus Christ that made him different from any man that had been born before him? Why did Jesus Christ have to shed his blood on the cross at Calvary? Right-Click Here To Download


Today we are going to look at the role that Blood plays in the Bible culminating with the Blood that Christ shed on the cross. It’s a funny thing about blood, some people are very squeamish about it and will faint at the sight of blood. I know of a nurse who gets very faint at the sight of a lot of blood. Needless to say she has a job where she does not encounter a lot usually.

In early American history bloodletting was used as a treatment for a variety of illnesses often to the death of the patient. It has been said that a contributing cause for the death of George Washington was due to bloodletting, or draining out much of his blood in an attempt to make him well. As recently as 1942, Sir William Osler’s highly regarded medical textbook advocated bloodletting as a treatment for acute pneumonia.

In heathen cultures it has been a practice to drink blood. The Mayan culture who recently seemed to have gained some notoriety with purported predictions based on the mayan calandar are said to have gone so far as to offer sacrifices which included the cutting out and the removal of a beating heart, while it is still beating and pumping blood. The drinking of blood isn’t confined to ancient pagen practices, the Roman Catholic church today would have you believe that in a ceremony called the Mass (not found in the Bible) the catholic priest has the power to change inert wine into the blood of Jesus Christ (a gross misinterpretation of the John Chapter 6) and then their followers are told they are drinking the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ (a blatent contradiction of scriptures for the Bible is clear that you are forbidden to drink blood before the law Gen 9:4), during the law (Lev 17:14), and after the law (Acts 15:29). This is not to say that the Blood of Jesus Christ is not important, it certainly is as we will see today, which is why It’s also worth noting that all new mistranslations of the Bible such as the ASV, NIV and any other bible other than the King James Bible attack the blood reference to Jesus Christ. Sound far fetched?  Consider Colossians 1:14: the KJV reads, “In whom we have redemption THROUGH HIS BLOOD, even the forgiveness of sins:” The NIV reads, “In whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” The NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV and remove the words “THROUGH HIS BLOOD”.

Many of the new hymn books have followed suit in their “praise” emphasis and have also removed most if not all mention of the redeeming power of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? Not to offend?  Continue reading