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A picture of Matthew from That’s In The Bible? on his recent wedding day with his lovely bride Jennifer. Congratulations Matthew and Jennifer. From all of us here at That’s In The Bible? we are wishing you all the best!


Promo Trailer for Episode #12, “Does The Bible Out Science Science?


4/17/2010 Steve, Pastor Strobel, Matthew and Eric were able to get together a week ago for round one of the “Kan-Jam Challenge“. For those of you that don’t know Kan-Jam is a game involving the throwing of a frisbee to your partner in an attempt to score points by hitting or dunking the frisbee into the plastic cylinder where your partner is standing. Round one was won by the team of Matt and Eric but it was close and the team of Steve and Pastor Strobel have been rumored to have been spotted in an undisclosed Kan-Jam training facility in western NY. Eric~

2/25/2010 Matt and I had the opportunity to fly to Pensacola Florida to attend theBad Attitude Baptist Blowout. Steve and his family also went and we all met up once we arrived. We had a great time, great preaching, singing, and a fantastic bookstore. Below is a short clip of some pictures and video that was taken there. Funny how some people will be put off for shouting and getting excited about what Jesus Christ has done to save our souls, and yet scream and shout for some lost sinners throwing a ball around. Go figure. Eric~

10/13/09 Matthew had the opportunity to preach the Sunday morning service at West Branch Bible Baptist Church in Deposit NY on 10/11/2009. Click on the arrow key below to listen to the sermon.

LISTEN Three Essential Keys For Enjoying Your Salvation

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Summer 09 (Small)

8/10/09 All three of us (Eric, Matt & Steve) were able to meet together outside of Rochester NY for a Bible Conference held by Old Paths Bible Baptist Church with Brother James Knox from The BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand Florida. If you have not heard Brother Knox preach and teach the Bible I would urge you to check out his website and audio preaching and teaching mp3’s which are available. The conference was great and following the morning preaching we went en masse to Buffalo NY for street preaching and then the next day after the morning preaching by Brother Knox we all headed to Rochester NY. It was a blessing to be on the streets with so many Bible believers proclaiming God’s word. It was the first time that I have attended a Bible Conference where we also went and took to the streets putting our faith into action (james 2:17).

While at the conference we caught up with Syracuse NY street preachers Dom Mauro and Mark McLaughlin. These two men have been faithful witnesses on the streets of Syracuse for many years. We spent some time together in a somewhat noisy restaurant and recorded an interview about their work on the streets proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ. Look for that soon. Thanks again Dom and Mark for your fellowship and also to everyone at Old Paths Bible Baptist Church for a great Bible Conference.

Matthew and I were also able to attend the Broome County fair and Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally held in central NY state and work a salvation booth thanks to Tri-City Baptist Church in Vestal NY and Pastor Matt Smith.


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  1. Maxine Romain Says:

    Hi Eric,

    I think that this is a really well thought out web site. There is so much to read and think about. I am really impressed by how all of this was put together. #021 The Spritual Warfare is great. I struggle with that alot. I will continue to keep reading more episodes.

    Maxine Romain

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