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#89 A Day To Look Forward To

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on March 30, 2020 by thatsinthebible

With the world experiencing the Covid-19 Virus there is much fear and anxiety. Will things ever be the same? Are these the end times? What should we do as Christians? What should we do if we are not Christians? How can you say there is a day to look forward to when things are this bad? Find out the answer to these questions in today’s podcast.Day-look-forward

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Show Notes


A Day to Hope For

Prov 29:18

Many if not most of our Podcasts are dated because of our conversations prior to the Bible Studies. There are some of the Bible Studies that are dated themselves, this would be one of them. But I believe that the content of this study will be just as relevant for someone listening at some future date.

The time in which most find themselves as we record this podcast is perilous, uncertain, fearful. Across the land people are hunkered down at home, practicing Social Distancing.

Many people are panicking clearing the shelves of numerous items fearing the worst. Many fear catching the Covid 19 virus or family members catching it, Continue reading

#88 Wisdom Is The Principal Thing

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on January 13, 2020 by thatsinthebible

Have you ever desired to have more wisdom than you have now? How could having not only more wisdom but also the right kind of wisdom affect your life? Would you be more happy? Content? Successful? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Pastor Scott Strobel from First Bible Baptist Church in Lockport, New York brings us a study on Wisdom, The Principal Thing.


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Show Notes

Prov. 4:7

Wisdom is the Principal Thing

Prov. 4:7a

The principal thing…

*“principle” & “principal” – how we learned the difference.

Wisdom is the main thing. Homer at Bible Baptist in Florida (He’d sit on the front row… One time during offering… The world didn’t give it to me and it can’t take it away!) In our Bible believing churches, when the preacher is preaching and makes a good point, it’s not unusual for somebody to respond by saying, Amen! Homer would respond similarly to the preaching, but instead of saying, Amen, Homer would say, That’s the main thing! And it never seemed out of line when he said it either. And when I think about how the Bible speaks of wisdom as the principal thing, I think of it like Homer used to say… That’s the main thing! For wisdom is “the main thing”! Continue reading

#87 The Importance Of A Salvation Testimony

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on January 1, 2020 by thatsinthebible

Everyone who is saved (that’s a term used in the Bible often!) has a salvation testimony. A salvation testimony is an accounting of the circumstances leading up to you receiving Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. Are you placing the same emphasis on your testimony that the Bible does? Find out how you can use your salvation testimony in the furtherance of the Gospel, and see from the Bible how the apostle Paul was one to often use his personal salvation testimony. It is something we all can do, find out how!


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Point Hope, Alaska (Matthew Sutton, Missionary)

#86 New Hope Trio

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on December 14, 2019 by thatsinthebible

This is a special edition of “That’s In The Bible?”. If you are like us you are probably always on the lookout for Christ honoring music to add to your playlist. Listen today as we interview a Bible Believing Gospel Trio from a local church (Bible Baptist Fellowship) in central New York State. Discover how they were led to write songs praising and glorifying the Lord, and listen as they tell the stories behind the inspiration to the songs from their debut CD. We will hear all 15 songs in their entirety and tell you how you can download each of these songs at no cost to you!


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All songs can be downloaded for free at BBFCHURCH.NET or by clicking this link.




#85 Lord Really? Love Not?

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on November 18, 2019 by thatsinthebible

Love not? Isn’t God all love? Aren’t we as Christians supposed to love all and love everyone and everything? Is there any passage in the Bible that tells us NOT to love something? Join us today as Pastor Steven Baer brings us this timely study from the Bible.85 Love Not

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I Jn 2:15-17

What do you love? I’m not talking about I love Cookie Dough Ice Cream

What do you love? Spouse Children God Country Job

What do you not Love? You can say if you don’t love something you hate it. And that would be correct and we can get into that another time

I am looking at the phrase Love not

It is in that form 3 times in your bible one of which is actually saying that you should love instead of not loving

1Co 16:22 If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maran-atha.

So there are 2 vrs which tell you not to love something

the first one here, again we are not going to deal with today

Pr 20:13 Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, and thou shalt be satisfied with bread.

Simply put God does not want us to be lazy bums sleeping our life away
Many times in the bible this is called being a sluggard Lazy

But the other of the 2 references is one that 85 to 90% of Christians don’t like Continue reading