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#89 A Day To Look Forward To

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on March 30, 2020 by thatsinthebible

With the world experiencing the Covid-19 Virus there is much fear and anxiety. Will things ever be the same? Are these the end times? What should we do as Christians? What should we do if we are not Christians? How can you say there is a day to look forward to when things are this bad? Find out the answer to these questions in today’s podcast.Day-look-forward

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Show Notes


A Day to Hope For

Prov 29:18

Many if not most of our Podcasts are dated because of our conversations prior to the Bible Studies. There are some of the Bible Studies that are dated themselves, this would be one of them. But I believe that the content of this study will be just as relevant for someone listening at some future date.

The time in which most find themselves as we record this podcast is perilous, uncertain, fearful. Across the land people are hunkered down at home, practicing Social Distancing.

Many people are panicking clearing the shelves of numerous items fearing the worst. Many fear catching the Covid 19 virus or family members catching it, Continue reading