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#84 The Leaders Of This People Cause Them To Err

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on October 31, 2019 by thatsinthebible

Pastor Strobel brings a Bible study that takes a close look at leadership. Leadership could mean the responsibilities of being a Pastor, or it could be as the spiritual leader of your household, the leader on your job, or the Christian leader/example at your place of work or at the school you attend. How are you doing? Are you meeting the responsibilities that you have been given? Listen in and see!


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The Leaders of This People Cause Them to Err…

Today I’m going to bring you a Bible study on the subject of Leader-ship.

And though this will have a particular emphasis on spiritual leader-ship, the basic premise will apply to all leadersPolitical, Parental, Scholastic, Business, etc.

Lee Roberson, a preacher of the not too distant past, used to say, “Everything rises or falls on leadership.”

And while arguments can be made that that is overstating the matter, the point is still well taken Leadership is important, and with the exceptions duly noted, it is still generally true, that, as goes the leader, so goes the follower. Continue reading