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#065 What Is So Great About Salvation?

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on March 21, 2018 by thatsinthebible

Salvation. What does it really mean and what is so great about it? How does it affect our everyday lives? What does the Bible say about Salvation? How does a person get saved? Find out the answers to these questions and many more!

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Heb 2:1-4
How shall we escape if we neglect so Great Salvation?
If judgement came upon the angels for their words and rebellion how shall we escape If we don’t get saved If we put it off
Answer is we won’t
I want to talk about our Great Salvation
Salvation is simple Man makes it difficult
Man thinks that the bible is written to all men as being the same
That those in the Old Testament are to follow the same rules that we do in the New Testament The same with those who will follow us in the time the bible calls the Tribulation And further the Millennium Continue reading

#064 Fasting

Posted in That's In The Bible - Podcast on March 6, 2018 by thatsinthebible

Fasting, what exactly is fasting? Is it for Christians today? Is it mentioned in the Bible? Why would I want to fast? If you are unclear on what fasting is and why it could be an important step in energizing your walk with the Lord than listen to today’s podcast for answers from the Bible. Please have a Bible ready and open the scriptures and follow along as we study God’s word to see what the biblical practice of fasting is all about.

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Mark 2:18-20

All right, the days have come, the bridegroom has been taken away from us… The question is, are the children of the bridechamber doing any fasting?


Fasting is a Bible practice.

It is sanctioned & practiced both in the OT & the NT.

To be clear, fasting is going for a period of time without eating. That is why our morning meal is called breakfast – Literally, “break” “fast”.

And really that’s about the only fasting that most Christians do… They fast all night while they sleep.

Of course Jesus had more than this in mind when He said the children of the bridechamber would be fasting in the days when He was taken away.

A fuller definition of fasting, as found in Webster’s 1828 dictionary says that fasting is…

1. To abstain from food, beyond the usual time; to omit to take the usual meals, for a time; as, to fast a day or a week.
2. To abstain from food voluntarily, for the mortification of the body or appetites…

To mortify is to put to death… Continue reading