#030 Where Did Cain Get His Wife? (What’s In A Generation)

If Adam and Eve had two sons Cain and Abel, where did Cain get his wife? Follow along with us as we chart the answer in this episode filled with unexpected twists and turns. It’s a question everyone has about the Bible at one point or another, now you can have the answer taken directly from the Bible!

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#2 Right – Click Here To Download Complete Generations Chart – Completed chart with all notes and dates filled in by Steve.

S H O W    N O T E S

How Many People Were There When the Flood Came

And they begat sons and daughters;

An Average of 10 per male

Using an average of 5 men per 10 people born.

Starting with Adam having 10 Children in 800 years   let us do the math

There are 10 generations from Adam to the Flood

1. 10 divided by 2 equals 5 men    times 10 per man   equals   50

2. 50

3. 250

4. 1,250

5. 6,250

6. 31,250

7. 156,250

8. 781,250

9. 3,906,250

10. 19,538,250

Now subtract the total number of people from the first 7 generations which died before the flood came, which adds up to 195,310.

19,538,250    minus    195,310   equals   19,342,940   at the time of the flood

These are estimated numbers not exact figures

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  1. Was wondering if you a bigger semi- wall size chart of “What’s in a Generation” like the one that Steve is holding.
    Thank You,
    Gary Teresi
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