#022 A Man Questions The Act Of Salvation – and he is also a Yankees fan!

Listen in to a conversation between a man who questions the act of Salvation and his conversation with the “That’s In The Bible?” crew. Is just saying a prayer to be saved enough? If you do say a prayer will you then “feel” Saved?


LISTEN #022 A Man Questions The Act Of Salvation

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2 Responses to “#022 A Man Questions The Act Of Salvation – and he is also a Yankees fan!”

  1. Isn’t it interesting that Obama chose to say that we all don’t hear what Abraham heard. I would raise the question of whether “we” are listening if this is so. If we get silent, pray, and read the holy Bible, God can be heard through the words of the Bible.

  2. James 2:19 Thou Believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also beieve, and tremble.

    Accepting the gift of salvation isn’t simply believing, and I have believed for years without certainty of salvation which sounds like the feeling that Mike had. The key is accepting the gift of salvation from Jesus, and following this acceptance, the Holy Spirit fills you with which the absolute feeling of salvation comes. I truly became a new creation in Christ, and if you do not feel like a new person, you still have not accepted the gift in full faith. Once you allow the spirit to fill your soul, you truly are a new person.

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