#020 Was Jesus Christ Really God?

Who did others say Jesus was? What did he actually say about himself? Did he actually say in the Bible that he was God or the Messiah? Follow along with us as we answer these questions from the Old and New Testament.


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2 Responses to “#020 Was Jesus Christ Really God?”

  1. I just want to thank you for the work that you do. I go to Promised Land Baptist Church in Gastonia NC. I have Found a good friend and a brother in Christ in Peter Herlan. Some time ago he turned me onto your podcast. It has been a real blessing. I have been under Peters teaching for some time and he has helped me to grow in my walk with Christ. When I started to listen to your podcast episodes I found much of the same type of teaching that I have been blessed to be under and especially when I heard Steve teach. Steve Thank you for disciplining Peter who now is disciplining me. I told Peter that I knew who his friend was when I heard you and he just laughed.

    I am a locksmith and we have internet on our vans so I get to listen to the podcast through out the day and it has helped my thought life and my attitude toward my work i find to be much better when my mind is filled with good teaching rather than the garbage on the radio or what the flesh brings to mind daily. I enjoy all of the teaching and the interesting topics you seem to come up with. I really enjoyed the doctrine of the great deep. It was not a a lesson that will change my daily walk but to find that God has so put His word together that we can know what scientist still don’t get is awesome.

    I have become eager to study the Word and it makes much more sense now that I understand rightly dividing the word (not every thing is addressed to me). I know that all of you all put much work into your lessons and the mechanics of the podcast and my prayer is that you continue the work that God is using in my life and I have no doubt in the life of many others. May God Bless you.

    Your brother in Christ
    Chris Maners.

  2. Well Chris, we are glad you enjoy the podcast, as you stated in your response, our desire is to be an alternative to other forms of Christian programing, a little loose and fun yet informative. Just knowing people such as your self are listening gives us great joy. If there is something you would like us to teach on let us know, we’ll do our best to put something together.

    Tell Peter I said hi. He is a great friend, faithful brother in Christ, and a fellow laborer. We have served the Lord together for many a year.

    Keep listening, tell your friends about us,and keep in touch.

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