#010 What Does The Bible Say About “Easter”?

Was Jesus Christ crucified on Friday and then resurrected on Sunday? Really? Why does the date for Easter change every year?


LISTEN #010 What Does The Bible Say About “Easter”?

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stevestrobelericWas Jesus Christ crucified on Friday and then resurrected on Sunday? If so how could it have been a full THREE DAYS and THREE NIGHTS as Jesus said it would be in Matthew 12:40? Examine these questions and find the answers in this timely podcast from the Bible featuring Pastor Scott Strobel of First Bible Baptist Church in Lockport NY. This is the audio portion from the Sunday school lesson as taught on April 12th, 2009 entitled, “The Mysteries of Easter In The Modern Era” at FBBC.

Be sure and download the calendar below which is the handout spoken of in this lesson.

Attachment#1: Click Here to Download Calendar Handout for Podcast.

3 Responses to “#010 What Does The Bible Say About “Easter”?”

  1. The audio went for about 27 minutes and then cut off as he went to the Book of John. Is this a problem on my end?? Also I can’t seem to get the downloadable calendar. It is just blank. I need “computers for Dummies” it appears.

    • Steven, sorry you are having trouble, but I wonder if it might be on your end? I just played the audio and it went the whole length of the program and then I downloaded the handout without a hitch. I can always email the handout to you, the program itself you may want to download instead of playing from the web page.


      • It must have been my connection. The audio worked fine this time. Thank you for the site.

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